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For the past three days, besides writing this, which people seemed to like, I’ve been working on a radio piece for WBEZ. It aired on 848 this morning, but if you missed it, you can listen to/read it online. On some level, this is a story I’ve wanted to tell for a long time. Though I doubt this will be the last time I will write about September 11th, I do feel that after exhausting the topic this week, I’ll be putting it aside for now. Big thanks to those four individuals who took the time to talk to me about their feelings and experiences; there was endless tape we could have used, and cutting it down was difficult for me. As my boss Justin Kaufmann, who produced the piece, says, it comes down to “killing babies.” This sounds incredibly harsh, but is totally how it feels when people have said great, beautiful things and there’s just not enough time. Hopefully what’s in there is a good enough portrait of people and place.

Young New Yorkers living in Chicago reflect on bin Laden’s death [WBEZ]

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