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Edith Zimmerman has left NYMag’s Vulture. Which makes me super sad, because she’s the jam. BUT she’s now blogging over at The Hairpin, which is a brand-new and awesome subdivision of The Awl. You know they’re legit because my homeboy David Carr just did a piece on them and how they won’t be going out of business! And boy do they have the best (weekly?) feature ever, entitled Letters to the Editors of Women’s Magazines

An excerpt: R.I.P Diane
An Issue So Big It Hurts!
I bought your September issue in preparation for a 14-hour road trip. In my hotel room, I dropped the issue on my foot. The magazine was so big, it broke my toe! You weren’t kidding when you said it was your biggest issue in 20 years! Keep up the good work.

Jillian K., Yardley, PA (Glamour, November 2010)

I thought you were joking about the magazine being the biggest in 20 years, so as a prank I put it on top of the door and asked my friend to come into the room. Without going into too much detail, I guess I’ll just say that both my friend and I learned you were not joking. I just sort of quietly walked out — it wasn’t my house. R.I.P. Diane.

Lindsay P., Gary, IN”

It’s like comments + ladymags = winning combination.

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