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That Was Then, This Is Now

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That’s Nicole Kidman, in case you’re wondering. Same pose, different other stuff.

Is Britney The Bitch, Or Are We?

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“The biotch is back, and better than ever”, Giuliana tells us. As we know, if Giuliana says so, it must be true.

“It’s Britney, bitch” was THE catchphrase from Ms. Spears’ “Gimme More” track off of her album Blackout, released in 2007. The track will forever be associated with a disastorous performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, as Spears tried to rehabilitate her image after several years of very public personal struggles that had distracted from any talent she had as an entertainer. Since then, “It’s Britney, bitch”, called a “defiant, unnecessary assertion” by James Hannaham of Salon, has become somewhat a catchphrase of our time (or that time in 2007). The implication of this particular lyric is bold: we are the bitch(es), and she is Britney. In his review, Hannaham agreed, asking “What did she call us? Surely anyone who has seen a magazine in the past five years knows that she is our bitch. Our head-shaving, drug-abusing, rehab-escaping, ProTools-needing, coochie-flashing, K-Fed-marrying, K-Fed-divorcing, child-welfare-endangering, bonkers-going, MTV Video Music Awards-appearance-flubbing bitch.”

Time have changed. In this new cover for V Magazine, however, the implication seems to have changed: she is the bitch and we are merely…ourselves? From E! News via ONTD:

If we’ve learned anything from this linguistic switch, it’s that we’re all bitches. Britney included.

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