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Is This Art

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Or porn? YOU DECIDE. More pictures here, mildly NSFW.

This Is A Travesty

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Bill Nye fainted from exhaustion yesterday during a lecture he was giving on Global Warming at USC. Unsurprising, given his busy life being a badass and living in what seems like the greenest house in America, but scary nonetheless.
When he came around he compared himself to an obvious contemporary: “Wow, that was crazy. I feel like Lady Gaga or something.”

More upsetting was the lack of response from students. Or, better put, the nature of response this incident prompted; USC senior Alastair Fairbanks (REAL NAME) said, “…I saw students texting and updating their Twitter statuses. It was just all a very bizarre evening.”

Relive the glory days with the following far-too-short clip from my favorite episode of Bill Nye, the Science Guy, which was all I was allowed to watch in fifth grade after my dad caught me watching Beverly Hills 90210 (I swear, all the drug and sex references alluded me!) and only let me watch PBS for the next several years. This one is all about Skin, the largest organ in our bodies.

Though it cuts off at an unfortunate point, this young gentleman is about to put these socks in water, to demonstrate how sweat cools our body off.

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