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Let’s All Watch This New Show Called “The Warblers”

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And call it a day. I don’t know who is sleeping with Darren Criss on that writing and producing staff, but bravo.

Also did you know that Rashida Jones sang backup on Maroon 5’s debut Songs About Jane, including the tracks “Tangled”, “Secret” and “Not Coming Home.” I haven’t yet purchased It Won’t Be Soon Before Long, but she’s on the track “Kiwi” as well. brb, queuing up a playlist and listening intently.

Flashback With Glee Done Right

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So one time I was but a lowly eleven-year old at my all-girls summer camp and the coolest LC (Leading Camper, for those not in the know) walked right into the “row” aka area where the intermediately aged campers lived and was singing this song with her friend and I nearly died from her amazing rendition and obvious cool factor. This is what Glee is good for: nostalgia, updated. Fuck “Teenage Dream” — and I really mean that. ’90s R&B is where it was and is at. And if you head into the 2000’s because, let’s face it, early 2000’s were really still the ’90s, you get a little of this from The Warbler’s as well.

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