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Spotted On Southport

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Best guess to the back of this shirt?

“Smart Girls…Don’t make their bridesmaids wear matching t-shirts.”

Historical Fiction, This Week

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1. I Might Break My No-Shopping Rule For This
American Eagle, I am astoundingly impressed with your ability to attempt to target so many markets with one product:

1) Civil War buffs
2) Miley Cyrus fans
3) Wannabe hipsters
4) Those people who have rediscovered Abe Lincoln because of Obama-fever
5) Bros who are patriotic to an excessive degree

“Little known fact, this was actually his campaign platform.” – AE website

AE Abe Lincoln T [American Eagle]

2. I Must Attend This Broadway Play
Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson premiered at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theater, “…and since Bloody Bloody portrays President Jackson in something of a revisionist light (tagline: ‘History just got all sexypants’), one of those questions was: Who is the sexiest historical figure? Not to disparage our other participants, but Anthony Mackie had the best answer: ‘Benjamin Franklin. He created the electric rod and just gave it away. “I’m such a pimp, I give you electricity.” You can’t beat that.'”

Party Lines Slideshow: Anthony Mackie, Mamie Gummer, Benjamin Walker, and More at the Opening Night of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson [NYMag]

3. I Don’t Know How I Missed This Internet Meme

Oh, The Humanity! [Dr. X’s Free Associations]

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