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Winter Sports Done Fashionably And Right

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It is winter time, and there are certain things one is expected to do in the winter time, when one has grown up in a place near or in the general vicinity of hills and mountains. The major one is ski. Some of us are better off doing other things, like swimming or surfing or lying down very sexily with cookies and some icing in which to dip the cookies in. Yet skiing is constantly thrust upon us. “…eventually the Ski People — or a Ski Person who is very dear to you — gets their way. And there you end up, on a mountain, with two flat rods strapped to your feet, ankles imprisoned and immobile, wearing something absurd, freezing your ass off, with little children whizzing by you like dolphins in a warm surf. Warm surf! you think, longingly. Why did I agree to this?” asks Amy Odell.

Seriously, it was after what felt like the thousandth trip to some Eastern mountain range when I just said ENOUGH ALREADY. I do not want to go plummeting to my death thankyouverymuch. I will stay home and cook dinner for all you tired souls when you get back and then we will play board games and watch the Dane Cook DVDs that are lying around (perhaps a birthday gift? Unclear) and will find them funny because we are all so tired, even me. One day I imagine I will upgrade this high school experience to a hot tub, a nice fur stole, a glass of red wine and a stack of books.

I’ve been comforted to learn that not everyone loves skiing. Elle‘s Joe Zee is standing up for those of us who do not enjoy the activity, but comically, of course. Really, all we want to do is look as though we just stepped off the rocket onto the moon, take a glance around at the beauty, and sit right back on that chairlift for the trip down. After a little trip and a nice big fall that felt all too familiar, Zee ends up right where he wants to be: having a nice drink in a warm place. It’s cool Joe. I’ll meet you up there.

Images From The Streets

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It’s all still lying around. This is what it looked like in a fresher state.

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UChicago Handles Extreme Weather Well

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For those of you missing college life, this might make you miss it less. Alex, our National College Weather Correspondant reports:

Inclement Weather

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Blink and you missed it.

Thanks to Brie and KB for this one. Students are not pleased. Especially because school is not closed, despite the fact that all other Chicago schools seem to be.

Despite the weather, students are apparently planning on snowball fights instead of class. Stick it to the man!
And check out some archival photos of past snows. It’s happened before, but it was back in the day, so it’s in black and white and more interesting.

And in case you’re really lonely on this particular evening and snow turns you on, look no further than the following:

[reddit chicago]


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When did I become so obsessed, I don’t know.

Table For Two

Winter Sky
Photos by Ann Derry

Glow [Via]

Burning Bush

TTMMW: Spanish Separatists Say Sorry

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This title is totally false, btw.

(Pictures of) Snow (in Black and White)

Fulton Fish Market, New York, 1946, by Harold Roth [Monroe Gallery of Photography]

This guy has a great NPR voice, and found some pretty pictures.

Blizzard of ’96, what what: 11 Biggest Blizzards In New York [Buzzfeed]

And just in case you didn’t get enough, on January 11, 2011, there was snow in 49 of the 50 states. CNN explains that “We’re all feeling a little ‘snowed in’ this winter.” Yuk yuk yuk.

Other Pretty Stuff

“Save or Delete Jungle Book” by banksy


This collection features many industrial design visionaries whose names the public doesn’t know, like Frederick Hurten Rhead who created the highly collectable and often copied Fiesta ware.
Postal Service Honors Americans Who Left A Stamp On Design [NPR]
For other stuff about brilliant designers, read this review of a new book about the Eameses.

3. New York (subways) are a place for beautiful people. Check them out, if you haven’t already been caught staring in real life, like I probably have.

4. This guy is adorable, if paranoid for good reason. When I was growing up, my upstairs neighbors’ climbed to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge before the gates on it were super reinforced. It seemed a lot easier than this.

UNDERCITY from Andrew Wonder on Vimeo.

5. This weeks offerings from Design Milk include edible Jelloware cups, beautiful geometric woven rugs, and really nice woodworked sculptures that do double-duty as furniture.

1. The Onion‘s fake sports news show Onion Sports Dome debuted on Comedy Central, and they poke excellent fun at the redundancies of sports broadcasting.

2. Spain’s Basque “separatists”, the revolutionary group Eta, declared that they would stop the violence, but explained that they would continue their “indefatigable struggle” for a “truly democratic situation in the Basque Country”. The Spanish government has responded that until they are disbanded, their call for a truce would not be taken seirously. See, not all Basques are bad…or something: Spain’s Basque separatists Eta call ‘permanent truce’ [BBC]

3. If you click on the link, you will see an actual picture of the family and friends of murdered Portuguese journalist Carlos Castro into the New York City subway, as he requested. I totally feel him.

4. A story that hits home for some of us: Mark Wahlberg says he quit smoking weed because of his kids:
“I stopped smoking weed for my kids. One day, we were driving and you could smell it from somewhere. My daughter asked what the smell was so I told her it was a skunk. Then she said, ‘Sometimes Daddy smells like that!’ to me and my wife. So I knew I had quit.”

People Who Do Art
1. Bob Dylan has signed onto a six-book deal with his published Simon & Schuster. One book will be based on his Sirius/XM radio show Theme Time Radio Hour (listen to it! Especially the episode of about “Time”, where he plays “60 Minute Man” by Billy Ward and the Dominoes). On the response to his first book Chronicles: Volume 1 (read it!) he told Jonathan Lethem for Rolling Stone that “The reviews of this book, some of ’em almost made me cry – in a good way. I’d never felt that from a music critic, ever….Most people who write about music, they have no idea what it feels like to play it. But with the book I wrote, I thought, ‘The people who are writing reviews of this book, man, they know what the hell they’re talking about.’ It spoils you.”
“60 Minute Man” — Billy Ward and the Dominoes

2. Report: Etta James suffering from dementia [UPI]

3. Sissy Spacek is going to write a memoir. Also, her daughter is really talented and I would watch I’m Reed Fish, of course on Netflix Instant, for this scene:

4. Joss Stone is kind of a ditz and never wears shoes, but she’s smart sometimes:

Oh Wait, Remember It Snowed?

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We’re going to be talking about it forever, because there are still human-sized piles of it on every street corner. If you weren’t in New York, here’s a video of some snow. Oscar-worthy? Not quite.

Idiot With A Tripod from Gothamist on Vimeo.

If you’re wondering what went wrong and why New York City freaked out about the blizzard, NYMag has a great rundown of all the problems. Though word on the street is that 400 people were fired from the sanitation department just months before this event occurred, which seems to be being kept on the DL.

Also, just saying, Chicago transit would have never dealt with a little weather like this, and on that note, they’re following up bus tracker with train tracker. CTA, you are winning back my heart.

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