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Trend Sweeping The Nation Amongst Older People: Crackers And Jelly

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Adults on television are obsessed with eating crackers and jelly — alone — in their kitchens. Saltines, no less.

Test Subject Number 1: Carrie, Sex and the City (2002)

Season 4, Episode 13: The Good Fight

Carrie: I miss walking into my apartment with no one there, and it’s all quiet, and I can do that stuff that you do when you’re totally alone, things you would never want your boyfriend to see you do.

Samantha: Like masturbate?

Carrie: My SSB. My Secret Single Behavior. Like, I like to make a stack of saltines. I put grape jelly on them. I eat them standing up in the kitchen reading fashion magazines.

Charlotte: Why standing up?

Carrie: I dunno, it’s weird, but it just feels great.

Test Subject Number 2: Ruxin, The League (2011)

Season 3, Episode 3: The Au Pair

The League Of Ruxin Fans

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I’m so attracted to “Rodney” Ruxin on The League it worries me.

But I’ve been validated this week, when I finally (fine, a week of rolling through two and a half seasons of a show is not finally) met Ruxin’s father, played by Jeff Goldblum. This explains it!

Ruxin is really undeniably sexy though. Look at this stunningly attractive photo of him with another photo of himself.

I’m not usually a Sarah Silverman fan, but I don’t blame her and Jeff for having a moment over this sorbet “palate cleanser.”

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