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“Research shows that our listeners love jazz.”

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The first couple minutes of last night’s Parks and Rec were gold to anyone who has ever listened to a public radio station.

The Irony Is Palpable

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[note: this post was written by Emma, as she takes issue with Kate’s blogging process…aka she is an impatient individual.]

Kate: I should watch Parks and Rec more often, but I never want to watch it alone. But when I do watch it, it makes me so happy — WHAT THE FUCK.

[note: The profanity was in reference to her less than stellar wifi crapping out on us.]

A Follow-Up: We Read Television’s Mind

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SCENE: STILL watching Parks and Recreation.

KATE: Why doesn’t he know what she’s doing?

(On the screen)

BEN WYATT: I know what you’re doing Leslie.

More Comments On Television

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SCENE: (Watching Parks and Recreation. Rashida Jones enters.)

KATE: Rashida Jones, go fly a kite.

(Next part to be read in a high squeaky voice)

EMMA: You really don’t like Rashida Jones? What is wrong with you? You like Rob Lowe but not Rashida Jones?

KATE: Coughing laughter (the meds are slowly working, don’t worry).


The real skinny: My theory about Rashida Jones is that she’s a really cool girl IRL and pretty attractive and has mad celeb connecks (purposely sic, let’s make “connecks” happen) and can apparently carry a tune and people just dig hanging around her, so they keep casting her in stuff, even though she isn’t that talented – not terrible, just not that talented – but she’s cool to kick it on set with.

Don’t Fret!

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It’s Friday!

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