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I Want To Go Clubbing With Cher and Michelle Pfeiffer

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She tells me that meeting men has never been easy, though she’s worked hard at it. ‘Straight men don’t want to come up to you,’ she says. ‘Women are braver than men–they want to be a Mrs. Somebody. Very few men want to be Mister Cher. They won’t approach you. Like one night, Michelle Pfeiffer and I thought it would be great to go dancing, so we stopped at this club on Santa Monica.’ (Cher and Pfeiffer co-starred in The Witches of Eastwick.) ‘We were there for 40 minutes and nobody asked us to dance. Not one person! Finally, a gay friend of mine came in with his boyfriend and, of course, we got up to dance.'”

Burlesque opens tomorrow people.

Cher: ‘Famous People Pay a Price’ [Parade]

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