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Starlets Get Awkward About Jokes Involving People That May Employ Them At One Point Or Another

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These starlets are pretty bummed that IFC televised an awards show they could usually have fun at without worrying about sabotaging their careers.

I’m sorry, was Anna Kendrick in Drive? Or does she just not want to clap because she, like everyone else, wants to sleep with Ryan Gosling and is desperately afraid of blowing her chances?

Kristen Dunst is well-acquainted with how to be awkward when people are saying things she doesn’t know what to do with.

Oh wait, but Patricia Clarkson don’t give a FUCK if anyone sees what she thinks of Chris Brown.

This Is The Face You Make When Someone Says They’re A Nazi

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So many more at the link.

Christopher gives her Best Actress for the range of emotions that flit across her face in what might be the most awkward two minutes of footage I’ve ever watched.

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