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“Fancy” Ketchup

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My best friend sent this to me and there’s not much that speaks to the true soul of who I am than this Jim Gaffigan stand-up set called “Catsup.” Size of packets, putting it on everything, “fancy” ketchup – it’s all covered. Listen here:

The Toughest Decision You Will Ever Make

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There’s this new website. You might not want to go to it. (Courtesy of Alex, who knows how to make my brain hurt.)

This Is Why It’s Good To Walk

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1. A young gentleman serenaded himself/me/his friend on State St. this evening with the following ditty:

“Dick sucking in the auto, that’s my motto.”

2. I saw my nine-year-old self in Nordstrom Rack, frizzy baby curls and all, wearing a t-shirt that said “I put ketchup on my ketchup.”

TTMMW: Weather Is A Fickle Mistress

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Where will the boats go?! I’m really, really worried.

Preston Sturges: The finest director most people don’t really know about. My favorite is The Lady Eve, and Netflix Instant has a whole bunch to choose from.

Jeff Bridges is returning to his Crazy Heart roots, to which I say, good job and now can you please just do a sequel to The Fabulous Baker Brothers?

The creator of Dilbert is…not very smart.

Howard Dean continues to the the biggest badass. DEAN 2018!

Ricky Gervais is the world’s most articulate atheist. Or at least the funniest.

The Grammys are cutting over 30 award categories. Editing really does help, kids!

This interview with Fred Willard is just too good to excerpt.

Discussing the anniversary of Penguin’s 75th anniversary, art director Paul Buckley talks about how its okay to judge a book by its cover.

The Mona Lisa was real, and there will be bone proof. This does not make the painting any less overrated.

Should Alcoholics stay Anonymous? David Colman makes a compelling argument for coming out of the closet.

Get over yourself Will Smith: His 1100 sq. ft. trailer, plus a second one for his gym, is angering SoHo residents. I would feel worse for them if it wasn’t SoHo…


Annie Liebowitz might be broke and stuff, but she still takes good pictures of beautiful famous people.

I just want brass knuckles, but not brass, ever.

What if you lived at Ikea? I wish.

Or here. Please and thank you.

This house is one part FLW, one part Little House on the Prairie (Banks of Plum Creek/sodhouse days).

The differences between Mac and PC people are not quite what you’d think they’d be.

Ketchup and stain removal in one interactive ad campaign. Consider me sold.


RollingStone is streaming Stevie Nicks’ newest album “In Your Dreams.” I like to imagine her yelling this phrase at people.

Elvis Costello covers. Laura Cantrell does “Indoor Fireworks.”


I love Jello.

Some people are very very very good whistlers. It took other people a long time to just fake it.

The weather has not been good to Chicago this week; in fact, it’s been the definition of a fickle mistress. That’s not related to this video, it’s just to say that things have been better and I look forward to them being so again.

I haven’t made it through all of these interviews with Matthew Weiner, but here’s more information about Mad Men than you always wanted to know.

I appreciated the power of Robert Ebert’s words before, but somehow, they’ve become more moving now that he can’t speak.

The Beast File – Apple (HUNGRY BEAST) from Elmo Keep on Vimeo.

Apple isn’t always so nice, unfortunately.

Linda Ronstadt sings “My Boyfriend’s Back.” She also dated California Governor Jerry Brown. Oh wait, I’m sorry, she was his “occasional companion.”

Back To Basics – What Would Laura Ingalls Wilder Do?

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I’ve been very food obsessed as of late (Editor’s Note: Gretchen is always food obsessed). Most of my days are consumed with the buying and making of food, reading recipes and restaurant reviews, and of course eating it. I’ve been inspired by farmer’s markets, Julia Child, and Laura Ingalls Wilder, and discouraged by big agribusiness, GMOs, and Monsanto. Ultimately, I’d really like to take as much processed food out of my diet as possible. I never have ketchup in my fridge, but a recipe called for 2 tbsp of it, so instead of going to the store and buying a bottle of ketchup, I made my own out of what I already had at my house. 

And yesterday, I had a craving for my grandma’s wild rice casserole. Now it is not a healthy dish by any means, but her recipe calls for canned cream of mushroom soup and canned asparagus (blech). I read the soup label only to discover MSfuckingG in it.

Are you kidding me?! I thought that shit was banned by now. Regardless, the basic ingredients were simple, so why couldn’t I make it from what I already had in my kitchen: butter, flour, seasonings, broth, milk and mushrooms?

Homemade Canned Cream of Mushroom Soup
3 tbsp butter
3 tbsp flour
1 tsp poultry seasoning
1/2 cup broth
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup mushrooms, diced small

Melt the butter.
Whisk in the flour, one tbsp at a time.
Add poultry seasoning.
Whisk in broth.
Whisk in milk.
Stir in mushrooms.
s+p to taste.
Heat until desired thickness.

You’ll have the same amount in a can of Campbell’s without the extra crap you don’t need like vegetable oil, modified food starch, dried whey, soy protein concentrate, yeast extract, and monosodium glutamate! Plus, it tastes better and took less than 5 minutes to make. It made me think: what other processed shit can we just make ourselves?

You can find more of Gretchen’s musings about food, as well as recipes, at her blog Wild, Fresh + Tasty.

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