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So there haven’t been many posts lately. I could make up some lame excuse, but basically I don’t have one, and I’m a bad liar even when you can’t see my face giving it all away.

You may have noticed that my brilliant friends have been popping up more and more around this parts. But it just didn’t seem fair that I got to get all this amazing street cred all to myself. So please, when that gets up and running in the next few days, check out what witty and hilarious things I had to say about them, or what they think about themselves, depending on the laziness factor, at the top of this page, under “Contributors” and “Mentionables.”

Also I was in the Times this month. Mothers, they always find a new way to embarrass their children. But UChicago thought it was worthwhile enough to retweet

What I particularly liked about this piece was the nature of the comments. As follows, the most uplifting thoughts:

Tough Love:
December 10, 2010 12:13 pm
Aww get over yourself! Show up, pay attention, and do your best. After that, it is just a crapshoot.

— BJ

The Depressing:
December 10, 2010 12:47 pm
I also went to the University of Chicago, and graduated with an honors degree. On graduating, I did exactly what your daughter is doing, and I unfortunately ended up in a job I grew to hate in a dead-end industry. Now, five years later, I’m going back to school to get the qualifications I need for a career in a field for which I have real passion. My point? Applying for colleges taught me to be good at applying for things. Having to face the realities of a bad job market and the lack of choice that entails taught me a lot more about myself and the things I truly value. I hope Kate has the degree of freedom the author suggests she will, but I’m guessing it won’t be quite that easy.

— Not so sure

The Really Depressing:
December 10, 2010 2:49 pm
We have 2 recent college grads in the family. Grad 2008 –magna cum laude, English major, several PR/journalism internships in hand — has cobbled together 3 part-time jobs and is still looking for a full-time-with-benefits position. Grad 2010 — Ivy grad in chem with honors — found a lab job that will cover his rent and not much more. Their friends are working a variety of jobs — cashier, waiter, temp secretary, etc. Not a career path in sight.

I fear for the kids who have tried to enter the workforce in the past two years. The entry level jobs that should have been open to them are gone, or are demanding 3-5 years experience (because employers can now get experienced people to take entry level positions). And when the economy finally recovers, I fear that these grads who have been making do in a terrible job environment will have potential employers wondering “Why did she work in Home Depot for three years?” and will pass them over for recent grads. A lost generation of employees…

Good luck to Kate. She will need it.

— lp

Corrections: A few weeks ago, one Cassandra Breckenridge wrote me an email, correcting some factual errors in what I assume was this post, as I have unfortunately not written about the Real Housewives since (this Camille/Kyle drama is really stressing me out. I want petty drama, not real hatred. Bravo, take note). She noted that Kim and Kyle, the ones who are half-sisters with Kathy Hilton, do not have the last name Hilton. Their last name is Richards, as Kathy’s was before she married. Cassandra, thank you for writing in. In my defense, in episode 1, Kim talked so much about Paris and being a Hilton that I think I was blinded by that connection.

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