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Don’t Let The One Day Poster Mislead You

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This is not a love story. Or, at least, one that ends well. BE FOREWARNED, YE MOVIEWATCHERS and do not get lulled into buying the book this film is based off of a book that may have a lovely cover and look like a fun romp for a plane ride but is in fact HEARTWRENCHING.

As usual, HuffPo introduces the image by putting it in context: “This film’s poster certainly contrasts in tone and image from Hathaway’s last romantic film poster, her near-nude shot with Jake Gyllenhaal for ‘Love And Other Drugs.'” But in all honesty, the book is pretty realistic about how stupid people are and how much timing matters in relationships. And the movie has Jim Sturgess! Across the Universe made me like The Beatles a little, ok? He’s gotta be good.

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