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RIP Starz

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The past two days have been like the harsh cold of winter when you are released from slumber by the cruel alarm clock calling you to your life’s work: being on the internet.

No, not really, but I was reminded that Starz Instant Play would be yanked from Netflix tomorrow.

After a panicked look at everything I would be losing, what movie did I choose to say goodbye on? A little ’90s divorce classic called Bye Bye Love.

The main cast is stellar and full of your favorites, but it’s really the supporting cast that should have won best ensemble somewhere.

That is indeed Rob Reiner’s hand holding a mug with his face on it.

BRING IT ON, Eliza. Bring. It. On.

Look at Matthew Modine’s billowy shirt and pant combo. No wonder Amy Brenneman is like, damn how did I divorce him to hang out in this classic vest?

These two were the child stars of their generation (see One Fine Day. SEE IT.). You may now know Mae Whitman for being a legitimate television actor, but she then she was just the cutest little girl on, anywhere. Our good friend Ross Maligner (did not know his name before I looked it up) played the young child Jonah in Sleepless in Seattle who they spend way too much screentime on.


And finally, that is DJ Jack Black, practicing his talents for a future turn in High Fidelity.

Did You Hear? The Sky Released This Weird White Wet Powder All Over The East Coast

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I’ve never seen anything like it! Apparently, the rest of everyone hasn’t either. OH WAIT. It’s called snow and it does it all over the place, so get your shit together New York, I’m unimpressed with your whole spiel about how it costs the city a million dollars for every inch. But the thunder and lightening last night was a never-before-seen kind of situation. Anyway, a few pictures to impress you with how we’re all holding up. If you want to get up close and personal with nature, check out these too.

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If you’re still feeling nostalgic about Christmas, watch this amazing video about the power of a few gays and a whole lotta letters.

A.O. Scott, who gets perpetually more and more soft in his old age, wrote this review of Gulliver’s Travels as if he was Jonathan Swift, complete with proper improper use of capitalization. Jack Black’s character is described thusly: “My storied Voyager is thus converted to yet another fellow of slack Ambition and ample Gut, toiling at a Loser Job and pining for his Stella (or Darcy, as she is here called), a woman of quick Intellect and slender Frame, in whose League he is so totally not.” Creativity is not dead kids.

Don’t worry, there are still atheists out there too and they are famous! There’s always Festivus, for the rest of us.

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