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The More Things Change

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Arguably the best part of Netflix Instant is its selection of documentaries, and I’ve slowly been making my way through the fashion ones. They seem to fill some need in me better than most other docs, probably because fashion is such a good subject to reveal a hidden underbelly of, and documentaries are such a good format to show beauty.

Unzipped is my latest obsession. It’s about Isaac Mizrahi trying to put together his fall 1994 collection after the previous one got panned, and is a perfect look at how drastically fashion changes, while managing to stay exactly the same. Mizrahi works with some of the most famous models of all time, while now he’s known more for his hilariously entertaining moments on QVC.

Mizrahi and Cindy Crawford

Who was dating Richard Gere (!)

Carla Bruni, now France’s lovely first lady.

Linda Evangelista was such a diva, even then. But she looks exactly the same as over 15 years ago, so I suppose someone should be thanking her dermatologist.

Naomi and Linda

This photo is the definition of “Awesome people hanging out together.” Also Naomi Campbell used to have a belly ring (with a chain!) which is the ultimate in 90s/2000s hip, and Mizrahi tells her she absolutely cannot wear it during the show, after which she proceeds to sort of pout. It’s a far cry from the Naomi we see in Season 3 of The Rachel Zoe Project, except that again, she looks exactly the same.

“It’s sort of Rod Stewart on me.” — Mark Morris
Seriously, Mark Morris and Isaac Mizrahi are/were friends? I mean of course I was unsurprised by Sandra Benhard, as she was all over the circuit (see Truth or Dare, the Madonna movie) but this is a pairing the likes of which SGST could never of even dreamed up!

Kate Moss, looking like a petulant teenager.

We’re told at the end that the collection ended up being a huge hit, but it’s more the little details that are fascinating in this movie than the overall message (and reality of Mizrahi’s life now, which is not exactly high fashion): Amber Valleta and Mizrahi meeting for the first time when she brand new information; Roseanne Barr taking photos during the show; Mizrahi saying “I feel like Marlo Thomas or something” after his show goes well; one fashion editor proving to us that Rachel Zoe did not invent the phrase “This is so major”. And the message at the end, straight from the horses mouth, is one of optimism:

“Yep. It’s always worth it,” says Mizrahi.

Isaac Mizrahi, Get It Together

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“I’m not the biggest sleeper in the world, so usually on Sunday mornings I’m waiting for the pool on 43rd Street to open; if I could swim there at 5 a.m., I’d go, but on Sundays it doesn’t open until 8. I swim for 20 minutes every morning. It used to be 40 minutes, but as my age reveals, I’m way too old to swim for 40 minutes.”

My mom swims at the same pool as him, and neglected to mention this to me until very recently. She reports that he most definitely has cut down his workout as of late. But might I say to Isaac: Dude, she’s older than you are and rocking through 80 laps a day. Get your act in gear.

Sunday Ritual: A Day ‘to Cure What Ails You’ [NYT]

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