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TTMMW: Daguerreotype Yourself

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Two tales of alcoholism; the first is from (thus far, I’ve put Jane Pratt’s site into the “pretty much fluff but occasionally has a gem” category), and the other from Jane’s fave 90s wild child, Courtney Love. If you can only handle one tale of addiction, read Love’s, as it’s a comprehensive vision of what a wild rollercoaster drug use can be throughout a lifetime.

When should kids go to kindergarden? As Emma says “We went at four, and we turned out just fine.”

When Bruce Springsteen was a young man, he was not very good at paying his bills, but he did like practicing his autograph.

Read this story about the leftovers of the Riot Grrrl movement. “We’d have these challenges: Do you think we could write about the intersection between coming out as LGBT or coming out as a sexual-abuse survivor?Can we write a catchy song about that?” said Kathleen Hanna.

What does it mean that an artist has “made” a painting? What was seen as revolutionary in Andy Warhol’s factory is basically the present-day way an artist’s studio functions.

VS Naipaul might be a great writer, but he’s a dick.

Did you know Sesame Street is full of lefty propaganda? Well yes, I did.

Debbie Reynolds is giving up her dream of creating a museum out of her amazing collection of Old Hollywood memorabilia by auctioning it all. Luckily, now you have lots of options for what to get me for my birthday.

Jeff Conaway aka Kenickie from Grease aka the man who made a lot of inappropriate jokes I didn’t get until I was very old has died.

New Yorkers aren’t allowed to smoke in parks anymore. Yes, this means all of Central Park.

This piece by Roseanne Barr about working in show business (especially on Roseanne) is relatively fascinating and amazing.

David Pogue threw an iPhone at his wife. While domestic violence is not funny, the fact that it was an iPhone is. It’s like he doesn’t work in journalism and doesn’t understand what a good headline is made of.

A Prairie Home Companion might want you! But there goes Garrison Keillor…

Feel like NOVA hasn’t been delivering its usual high-quality pieces? You might get upset about the following:
“Scrambling to secure much-needed funding, the Public Broadcasting Service began its spring pledge drive Monday with the debut broadcast of Nova: Boobs A-Bouncin’. “We at PBS are proud to present this latest installment in our award-winning science series,” PBS spokesperson David Brennan said of the two-hour special devoted to the science of breast mobility. “As you’ll see, Boobs A-Bouncin’ covers all the ups-and-downs, side-to-sides, and other various jiggling patterns associated with the physics of breasts in motion. Please enjoy this episode, and please, please call the number at the bottom of your screen to donate.”

The Catholic Church did some study about priests and sexual assault and blamed it on the 70s. That’s what I blame all my problems on too, so, fair.

Go surfing in Basque country? Yes please — I love water + my motherland.

Steve Albini has a food blog, and LA Weekly interviewed him about it. People: they can have more than one interest.


Mies Van der Rohe building on Lake Shore, November 1956 (Frank Scherschel, LIFE magazine). I like all those words.

I don’t listen to The Melvin’s, but this poster is amazing. I always found Sleeping Beauty to have some Art Nouveau tendencies to it.

Did you know that Djokovic is really hot? You do now.

I love daguerreotype’s and I love boyfriends, and this site combines the two. The photo above? Almanzo Wilder, who I’ve always considered an earlier version of Paul Walker, with a much sexier than.

Look at these miniatures! I was a very sad child when I found out that the Carole and Barry Kaye Museum of Miniatures in LA was closed.

Google did an homage to Les Paul for his birthday that was interactive. Props, but a question: Does anyone actually use the homepage anymore?

Architect Barbie has glasses like mine (duh) and you can design her dream house! It’s like The Sims, but way, way better.


At this amalgamation of clips of the massive tornados of late.

Some dudes being boss.

Go To the Zoo

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In Chicago, it’s free!

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Chicago Sky

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This Is Why It’s Good To Walk

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1. A young gentleman serenaded himself/me/his friend on State St. this evening with the following ditty:

“Dick sucking in the auto, that’s my motto.”

2. I saw my nine-year-old self in Nordstrom Rack, frizzy baby curls and all, wearing a t-shirt that said “I put ketchup on my ketchup.”

This Is An Article

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(In a free paper).

Forget dangerous neighborhoods — are you living in a GUD?

Fearmongering at its very best with this cover.

The best part is actually the bottom feature that starts with Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari, and goes on to feature famous and fictional Chicago couples who do the “long-distance thing.” The Good Wife‘s Peter and Alicia Florrick are in there because he was in prison and all. Don’t forget about SGST favorite Giuliana Rancic and her equally adorable husband Bill.

OBEY Records

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Shepard Fairey hits Chicago. These have been up for a few weeks, but I took these pictures on May 5. This is the underpass of Lake Shore Drive on Grand. This piece is actually legit, which means he’s sold out or something.

The Weekend Rundown

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SATURDAY: St. Patrick’s Day Is Only Good For Green Liquids
Preferably ones that are not alcoholic and projectile vomited all over the ground.

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SUNDAY: Daylight Savings Starts, So We’re No Longer Falling Back But It Feels Horrible
This year, I found that the trick with the worse day of the year is to just get up even earlier than usual and get brunch. The brunch staves off the feeling of horror that it was already noon, with a nice cushion of delicious food. The debate still RAGES on over whether this holiday is a hoax or a help (emotionally, energy-wise, etc.) but no matter what we do it so perhaps it’s time to just move on. I will say, however, that it was very poorly publicized this year; I was barely aware of the impending doom! I was told Saturday, in passing! US Gov, this is your doing — get on your shit.

BONUS: Remember when this fountain was orange? Now it’s green.

More Water Inspired By Literally Hot Footage

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There are a lot of big volcanoes in the world, and sometimes you need to cool off. Here are some ways in which to facilitate this process totally ineffectually:

(Before displaying this rash of aquariums, it’s important to tell a brief but quality story. Last night, I walked past R. Kelly’s house and his glowing aquarium called to me like the mothership, even though there were no fish in it obvi. But then the blinking camera stationed right outside made me hustle far away. If you’re reading this R., I’m sorry. I just don’t know how you let that one go.)

Jellyfish Art might be serious, but most species of Jellyfish die really quickly. I’m not seeing any indication that this aquarium prevents that, or how much potential longterm replacement jellyfish costs are, so this is less impressive than it should be. Look; he’s totally not into her or the tank because he knows it’s so yesterday, you know.

I want to go to there. It’s probably in Dubai, knowing my luck. Or ATLANTIS.

This seems like a slight waste of a phone booth, especially given that Superman has few options left in this age of cell phones and bluetooth. Still, quite pretty and I’m sure the fish like the complete 360-degrees of stimuli. Also Finding Nemo is a very emotional movie, largely because I don’t understand how they could possibly end the movie with all those fish mere inches away from freedom in the sea but still stuck in plastic bags. Like, ‘cmon. Am I supposed to believe that they break free with the help of some hungry, desperate birds (that thought had never occurred to me until this moment. I am comforted)? Also, most of them came from the pet store. They probably wouldn’t survive a day out there.

Sometimes, water isn’t trapped inside a glass container. Sometimes, it’s a secret underwater river (?!) that you’re not supposed to swim in because of scary gases, so how did these pictures get taken (?!)

When all else fails, become a mermaid.

Women’s Health, Street Style

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“77% of rape victims know their attackers.”
Red line El Train, Harrison Stop, Chicago, IL

“OMG GYN: Did you know that the average wait for a GYN appointment in the state of Massachusetts is 70 days?!
At Planned Parenthood, we’ll see you this week!”

Holyoke Mall, Ingleside, Massachusetts (via Alex

If you’re in New York City this weekend, hit up Foley Square tomorrow, as Gloria Steinem and many others will be there, standing up for women’s health.

We’re Famous, And Published In Other Places

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In case you all don’t read the bottom “About Me” inset on this blog that is “About Me”, I’m now writing over at PopMatters for their Channel Surfing blog about, what else, TV. Here’s one post about the new NBC show Perfect Couples, and its resemblance to Friends, and another about the latest man to step into a Superman suit and never look back. I’m contributing bi-weekly, so stay tuned for fresh-off-the-presses insight into a legitimate art form, really.

If you’re in the Chicago area, you should be attending as many of The Paper Machete‘s Saturday shows as possible. They’re free, and last week’s Valentine’s Day episode featured the one and only Christopher, who makes the rounds around here sometimes as a Mentionable (and if he ever gets around to it, we will be launching some sort of wedding-related multimedia piece of hilarity on this site some time in the near future). If you are chomping at the bit for a preview, check out this piece and you should begin to get a feel for the type of thing to be mercifully torn to shreds.

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