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Burt’s Back!

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When I was working on my BA, I came across Burt Reynolds’ book Hot Line: The Letters I Get… and write!, published in 1972, during the prime of his fame. When I say came across I really mean I read about the book, and knew that trying to find the library that would Interlibrary Loan it to me would be difficult, so I merely cited it as a Fun Fact in my head and moved on. Thanks to the magic internet though, someone has kindly uploaded some of the best letters from Burt’s brilliant tome, and allowed me to get a glimpse as to what I’ve been missing.

Like this one:

I’m fairly certain this is from an underage female, making Burt’s response less than kosher, though perhaps during the free-wheelin’ ’70s, things would have been seen differently between them and a love affair could have bloomed.

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