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Old House

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When is it not your house anymore? When it looks entirely different? This looks exactly the same as when I was growing up, and now, and it’s September 27, 1941. By Charles Weever Cushman, and there are lots more amazing downtown New York photos after the jump.

You Just Got Served By Your History Professor (Twice)

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It’s so interesting to me that people actually use Yahoo! Answers seriously, when there is Wikipedia, which is literally called “The Free Encyclopedia.”

Hitler, History and Hipsters

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As David St. Hubbins says in This Is Spinal Tap, “It’s such a fine line between stupid and clever.” CASE IN POINT: This awesome site, Hipster Hitler. It’s fresh off the internet presses, and we’ll see if it’s anything but a one-hit-wonder, but it doesn’t matter much right now. The less is definitely more.

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