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This Might Seem Not Ridiculous

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But I just got this email about downloading graduation pictures. If that isn’t a reality check for the fact that this would have been relevant A YEAR AGO and not even ALL THIS YEAR WHEN I HAVE BEEN GETTING THESE EMAILS REPEATEDLY, I don’t know what is.

Alex Quotes

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1) A statement and a request from a gentleman and a scholar:
“Know your shit before you get at me.”

2) A inaccurate but very strong belief:
“Creep by TLC is the best song from the 90s.”

I may have graduated from college, but this is clearly the more important news to get across.

My Mom Sent This To Me

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It’s good she knows me well. And that Simon Rich is awesome, with evidence definitely here, and a little bit less here.
AND apparently he has a new book out. This one’s a novel based off of Pygmalion, which I believe may be worth carting around Europe.
Your New College Graduate: A Parents’ Guide. [The New Yorker]

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