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Victims and Conquerers

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1) I’m loving how previously reputable blogs have turned into mechanisms to attempt to get more ad sales, along the lines of lovely publications such asUs or Life and Style. The latest? The Daily Beast and The Huffington Post. Observe:

Why is this filed under entertainment.

My least favorite term.

2) Awesome Covers I Have Discovered As Of Late

Disclaimer: This does not mean they are new, only that they are new to me, something that Beverly Cleary once told me was very popular to say during the Great Depression. I’ve tried to get it to catch on in the New Recession, to no avail.*

Birthday Sex — jj

Is This Love — Corinne Bailey Rae

Electric Feel — Katy Perry

* “Claudine was more fortunate. Mrs. Klum solved her wardrobe problem by buying her three knit dresses, at five dollars a piece. Three new dresses, none hand-me-downs, and all at one time; the Miles girls, passing their clothes to one another, and I were awed by such luxury. We began admiring one another’s clothes by saying, ‘Is it new, or new to you?'” (228)

Real Talk

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“I don’t want to put too much stock in it, but I sort of feel like if I get this it will pretty much validate every single decision I’ve ever made in my entire life that led me to this moment.” — Casey [aka the awesome Lizzy Caplan] from Party Down, re: potentially getting a part in an Apatow movie.

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