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Considering The Worth Of Chandler From Friends

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Stuff About Your Friends

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“It may seem hard to believe today, but in ’94 we were playing in core-conceptual territory that hadn’t been explored that much on network TV—young-adult relationships.” – Warren Littlefield

“Then Kauffman and Crane came back with Friends, which we thought was such a snore. Some people thought the show was too Gen X, way too narrow.” – Karey Burke

“Fame doesn’t cure whatever is going on inside of you, however you feel about yourself.” – Lisa Kudrow

“We did not want to go out on the bottom. We wanted to feel more like it was time for your child to go to college, not die.” – Marta Kauffman

Who doesn’t love an oral history of the best sitcom of our time?

TTMMW: Overdue

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It’s been months, so if this is all old news, well excuseeeee me.


Alexander McQueen was inspired by Friends.

Rock Hudson was gay. Here’s a look at his hidden “bachelorhood.”

A woman got really unhappy because people were putting plastic Flamingos on her lawn. So she’s basically an idiot, because that is a fine fine gift.

The guy who designed the literal Wheel of Fortune and did art direction for Jeopardy! died. His name was Ed Flesh. Yes. Also the man who invented Doritos died, and he was buried with them.

Linda Ronstadt is writing a memoir. So is Neil Young. And Patti Smith’s Just Kids will become a movie.

A very thorough look at time zones and how ridiculous they are.

I appreciate any recent reference to Simply Red.

Make some egg salad sandwiches, but in a very classy way. Also make some potato pancakes with leftover mashed potatoes courtesy of Gretchen (as if there would ever be leftovers!)

A glimpse of anything you ever wanted to know about Paul Taylor and all that dance is now available.

Roseanne is back with a vengeance, with her major policy position based on legalizing marijuana.

As if we even thought it was possible, Craig Ferguson steps up the crazy and films a week’s worth of shows in Paris.


My piano teacher growing up would have been all over these.

I would stay in this hotel in a hot second. If I had my stockpile of old magazines with me right now I’d pull out this amazing Times Magazine where these designers used salvaged oil tankers as rooms in their homes.

Pre-fabs and contemporary ranch style homes? Sign me up (and remember the great MOMA exhibit on pre-fabs from a couple years ago).

Glass Beach is in MacKerricher State Park in California. There’s all this sea glass because of years trash being dumped nearby.

A connect-the-dots Mona Lisa, and a Mona Lisa made of far fewer dots.

An Apple tree.

There was a Playboy gallery exhibit. NSFW images, obviously – which isn’t stopping this little boy.

More stamps for people who like good looking things.

Dress your life like you’re in Benny and Joon.

Girls and boys growing up.

And photos of your favorite country singers (and some less impressive ones too, what can you do).


Steve Earle’s “Galway Girl.” Fun fact: He’s been married seven times, twice to the same woman (the current wife is Allison Moorer, a talented singer-songwriter in her own right). Must be why his music is so good.


Do a day in the life with Pixar genius John Lassater.

Running on Empty (Revisited) from Ross Ching on Vimeo.

LA didn’t have cars for a bit and it was glorious.

Check out “The Secret Life of Swimmers,” by photographer Judy Starkman. She took photos of people who swim at public pools. It is a bit of a secret club.

Thorough Research

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Someone had to do it; “After thoroughly researching all 236 episodes the answer is 85 sexual partners. Between the six characters of Friends — Ross, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Monica and Phoebe — have had sex with 85 different people….”

However, as commenters who are as overzealous about the show as I am have noted, there are several flaws in Mr. Mike D’Avria’s work (at first glance, a major one is that Winona Ryder’s Melissa character did indeed admit to hooking up with Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel in college).

But here you go. Peruse at your own leisure. Let’s rip it apart later.

The Downer Sitcom

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If this Russ is the Russ who actually appeared on Friends, I would watch this show.

Ross Would Write The Best Children’s Books

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More gems such as these can be found at the always-entertaining fyeahfriendsgifs tumblr.

Our Lives

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Emma and Kate

I Might Write More About This Later

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The Lost Roles of Friends [Splitsider]

But OH WAIT. I’ve already expressed far too much love for this television show and I don’t really need to argue against this person who doesn’t actually understand how much Friends has shaped comedy/television/sitcoms in ways that are so integral to our viewing experience we don’t even acknowledge them. Thank gosh. Now I can just go on and live my life calmly.

An Open Letter to Jennifer Aniston

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Dear Jennifer Aniston,

I was at the gym the other day when I saw a commercial for your new movie, Just Go With It. The commercial concluded with an overweight woman reacting to Brooklyn Decker getting out of the ocean by turning to you, JenAn, and saying something along the lines of, “It’s women like her who make you and I uncomfortable wearing bathing suits.” I’m sorry, but no.

I know your very famous husband very famously dumped you for a very famous beautiful person. I’d have self-esteem issues too if that happened to me. But I promise — you’re gorgeous.

All you have to do is look at the billboard for this same movie where you are rocking a very sexy dress. I’d kill for your body. And as MC said, your hair is the perfect honey blonde. Rock it girl.

And the best way to rock it is to not make a movie where the central conceit is not based around you being uglier than this other girl.

I’ve been a fan of yours since Friends and I’ve seen most, if not all, of your terrible movies. So this is an intervention. Make crappy movies (I don’t care – I love them all the same), but don’t make movies where the plot is formed around you not being as hot as Brooklyn Decker. It just pisses off your fans. And does a disservice to you and your hotness.

Much Love,

PS: Office Space is an underrated film. I really think it’s your best work.

Editor’s Note: I have been unable to find the spot that KB refers to on the internet (if you come across it, let me know!). Please instead subsidize your viewing pleasure this Super Bowl teaser trailer. Note the repeated footage of Brooklyn Decker rising from the water, and the end tagline “Tell your girlfriend it’s a romantic comedy.” Charming.

I Want To Go Clubbing With Cher and Michelle Pfeiffer

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She tells me that meeting men has never been easy, though she’s worked hard at it. ‘Straight men don’t want to come up to you,’ she says. ‘Women are braver than men–they want to be a Mrs. Somebody. Very few men want to be Mister Cher. They won’t approach you. Like one night, Michelle Pfeiffer and I thought it would be great to go dancing, so we stopped at this club on Santa Monica.’ (Cher and Pfeiffer co-starred in The Witches of Eastwick.) ‘We were there for 40 minutes and nobody asked us to dance. Not one person! Finally, a gay friend of mine came in with his boyfriend and, of course, we got up to dance.'”

Burlesque opens tomorrow people.

Cher: ‘Famous People Pay a Price’ [Parade]

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