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Thelonious Monk Memorial Weblog Post Week 2

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1) The Decemberists Team Up With The Ever-Awesome Gillian Welch

2) Some Photos of Beautiful People

Herb Ritts’s Cool People, Beautiful Bodies [PDN]

3) Warren Buffett Continues To Be A Badass
On Sunday, ABC will air “This Week With Christiane Amanpour,” with featured billionaire Warren Buffett. Some choice quotes:
If anything, taxes for the lower and middle class and maybe even the upper middle class should even probably be cut further. But I think that people at the high end — people like myself — should be paying a lot more in taxes. We have it better than we’ve ever had it.
The rich are always going to say that, you know, just give us more money and we’ll go out and spend more and then it will all trickle down to the rest of you. But that has not worked the last 10 years, and I hope the American public is catching on.
Dude is 80. That is all.

4) This Is The Boss, Right?
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Grin at me like that, please.

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