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4 PM CST: Local VS National

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Headline reads: “The NATO summit comes to Chicago, no one else cares”

For Those Who Missed It

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This is the photo that sparked this Tweet

…that prompted endless newsroom jokes (and the occasionally voiced serious concern)…

that ended with this awesome t-shirt.

…when it turned out that this lady was actually right there.

Now THAT’S what I call a developing story.

This Is What I Did Last Night

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A) Rock the front page of the Chicago Tribune.

For a better shot of me in all my glory, go to image 16 in this slideshow. I’m the happy person in the back. My presence, along with Odette’s, on the cover of this stupendous paper, prompted my boss to include me in this blog post.

B) Work on this video.

The CityRoom: The Incumbent Loses from WBEZ on Vimeo.

CityRoom video: An election night to remember (starring Berny Stone) [WBEZ]

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