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These Characters Sound Like They Went To UChicago

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I mean that so lovingly, I swear.

“Amanda: I’m fat! My husband didn’t love me! My parents didn’t love me! I suck in bed! The only person who loves me is my wacky redheaded best friend, Jillian! There’s no way Simon wants me!

Simon: I’m really hot, and I seem to be a borderline case of Asperger’s syndrome! Asperger’s is SO HOT! Plus it sounds like Assburgers when you say it out loud! And women are scared by my giant penis! Also, women don’t like it when I act like a crazy recluse or when I walk away from them mid-sentence so I can run tests in my lab! There’s no way Amanda wants me!”

The Real Deal by Lucy Monroe [Smart Bitches Trashy Books]

From The Huffington Post, in college-related “news”, If Rappers Were Colleges: Analogies You WON’T Find on the SAT

And he’s from Chicago! It’s perfect!

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