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There’s so much mid-century imagery going around these past few weeks its making my head spin in the best possible way.

Magdalena Frackowiak for Vogue Italia, April 2011. Photo by Richard Burbridge.

There are numerous ways to be an homage to your favorite movie at the beach this summer, from Blue Crush to Some Like It Hot. Pick your poison.

Prom dresses!

I love this pelican.

So many people have this idea that retouching is a product of the Big Bad media and their overzealous use of Photoshop, but let’s break it down: As long as there have been pictures of any kind, we’ve been trying to make ourselves look better.

Esquire-inspired covers for the new reboot of X-Men.

Told Ya So

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May 2005, Penelope Cruz on the cover of Allure. Photographed by Michael Thompson. When I’m right, I’m right.

If you’re dying for a copy of your own, of course EBAY has them. And this just goes to show:

1) The internet does not have everything.

2) Saving things does not make you a pack rat; it makes you right and vindicated.

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