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Things I’ve Learned From Watching Anderson Cooper’s New Show

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Gloria Steinem told Kathy Griffin that if she goes into menopause, her vaginal walls might turn into rice paper. And Gloria Vanderbilt told Kathy it would be fine, like the “Berlin Wall,” don’t worry about it.

And Kathy Griffin refers to Gloria Vanderbilt as “Glo.”


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My new one of the week: To have a child so famous that he has a cardboard cut-out of him or herself, which I can then display in my home. This would be so preferable to having school photos of them hither and thither.

“Three generations: Gloria Vanderbilt in her living room in front of a portrait of her mother, painted by Dana Pond in Paris in the twenties, and next to a life-size cardboard cutout of her son, Anderson Cooper, which had been used in airports to publicize his book. Vanderbilt’s clothes by Ralph Lauren.

Photo: Jack Robinson/Vogue/Condé Nast Archive, Copyright © Condé Nast”
Daughter of Invention [NYMag]

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