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Very cheeky.

Smart Ideas

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It’s important to have a bevy of primary sources to fall back on. For some people, that means a trip to the library. For me, that means a trip through my shockingly accurate memory of every issue of Allure published in the early 2000’s.

One such issue included a cover and photo shoot with Britney Spears from 2007, who at that point in her life was going through some not-so-savory moments. There was no interview accompanying the article, however; Spears never made it to any of her interviews, and so Judith Newman wrote about not getting a chance to talk to the “troubled starlet” (not her words, just words we’re all familiar with).

Yet when faced with a similar dilemma — not getting the story you want — this month’s issue of Marie Claire chose not to use the real story. Instead, they took their interview with Kim Kardashian, which was done before she broke up with her husband, and spun it to make it seem as though she talks about, according to the cover “What went on in her crazy marriage”, a tactic commonly used in tabloid magazines.

What story would I read? What she was saying right before she divorced Kris, and what she’s saying — or not saying — now. Except that Marie Claire tells me if I want to read it all, I’ll have to buy the issue. Unfortunately, what they’ve given me to go on now isn’t enough to see if they actually did a nice follow-through in that hard-bound, beautiful copy that will not spend from here to eternity under my bed.

Lady Mags For The Month Of May

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Is there a reason why Amber Riley is the only one to get her own very personal coverline on the May issue of Marie Claire?

Lea and Dianna merely have to handle all the rumors! gossip! drama! But Amber has her own cross to bear: “I show girls how to be comfortable with their bodies.” Does this make her special, or just ostricized?

Relatedly, the new nude issue of Allure seems even younger than usual, featuring Ashley Tisdale, Keri Hilson, Bridget Moynahan and Kaley Cuoco, three of whom are in their twenties. Remember when they had more ladies like Elizabeth Perkins, or Jill Scott? I do, and as we know, I have the back issues to prove it.

Told Ya So

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May 2005, Penelope Cruz on the cover of Allure. Photographed by Michael Thompson. When I’m right, I’m right.

If you’re dying for a copy of your own, of course EBAY has them. And this just goes to show:

1) The internet does not have everything.

2) Saving things does not make you a pack rat; it makes you right and vindicated.

I’m Basically Positive I’ve Seen This Shot Before

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This is the new Japanese Elle for April 2011. I know this shoot is several years old, and I’m pretty sure it’s from an old issue of Allure, since that’s the only ladymag I ever subscribed to regularly and its completely in their style of their shoots. Since they only do headshot covers, this isn’t a complete replica, but I’m dying for more information. Any thoughts? Proof? I wish I had my back issues with me right now…

Covers: Animal Carriers [Fashioncopious}

I’m Not Facesnarking

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But what has changed in the six months between Lisa Kudrow’s two appearances on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson?

On June 24, 2010, Lisa’s face looked like this while smiling:

And here she is raising her eyebrows (or attempting to):

On January 3, 2011, here she is smiling:

And raising her eyebrows:

Watching the videos (especially not on youtube) the difference is clearer. While there’s no “proof” that Kudrow had Botox at one point or another, the difference in the movement of her face between the two episodes, only six months apart, is striking. I wonder about her use of Botox, and whether it was due to a change of heart, or for a role (there have been a few where Nicole Kidman’s lack of forehead movement have actually helped her seem cold and emotionless, such as in The Stepford Wives).

Relatedly, here’s a clip from an episode of Cougar Town where Kudrow guest stars as a dermatologist who doesn’t use Botox, but administers it to all her patients.

Clearly, this character doesn’t practice what she preaches, but looks good doing it. Kudrow isn’t against cosmetic changes (she discussed getting her nose done with she was 16 in the November 2002 issue of Allure magazine), but her choice to use Botox might have been fleeting, if the brief survey I did of her face tells us anything. She looks awesome just the way she is, so here’s hoping she just leaves it alone. I’d definitely suggest checking out her online series Web Therapy, where she plays therapist Fiona Wallace, with guest star Meryl Streep, both sans Botox:

Count How Many Times Kristen Stewart Looks Down

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She’s so incredibly awkward, it’s amazing. She likes facials not massages because she’s a fan of “practicality versus pleasure.”

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