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TTMMW: Themes

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The way I keep stuff for this semi-not-at-all-regular column is by starring it in my Google Reader. As the weeks/months go on, things tend to pile up. Related things. Here they are, by particularly similar category.

T-SHIRTS, then, and now:

Other stuff and your new/old iPhone.

Autograph books! They had them in Little House on the Prairie, except when they were in Town.


Dean forever, obviously.

Like Woody Guthrie, or Patti Smith and jam sessions.

Like Anthony Bourdain, or David Letterman

The truth behind Natalie Wood, Denzel Washington might play Thelonious Monk, Ben Affleck’s kids wear his face on their shirts and a GIF wall of many many Oscar winners and losers.

In art, and in life/art.

Whether it’s Playboy, a Mad Men-themed Newsweek, more Helvetica (plus sandwiches) or remembering George Lois. Or a particularly personal plea.

The New York Times and Israel/Palestine, naturally.

People look like those fake oh-so-real characters.

Skylines, seagulls wildin’ and such:


It really is.

What? What Do They Do?!

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The Battle Begins: Tampax vs. Kotex

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It appears that Tampax has not taken Kotex U‘s pretty ingenious marketing campaign lightly.

Apparently, the reason people are buying Kotex is because of the cute little black box! And yes, that is part of the appeal — Kotex has acknowledged that aesthetics matter, and they do. They’ve shaped part of their campaign around the concept of “redesigning feminine care“, and brought sassy Patricia Field on board. But most of the excitement has come from Kotex’s ability to profit off of the idiocy of previous tampon campaigns.

The irony of this ad is that Kotex has wrapped their entire campaign around the idea that traditional tampon advertising has nothing to do with what it’s actually like when a woman has her period, specifically, that she definitely does not want to run around in tiny, white clothing.

And part of the reason Kotex is doing so well, spurring Tampax to put out this boring and defensive ad, is that their website is actually helpful. Most importantly, they’re giving girls education and agency, instead of putting copy on their website like this:

“You’re already the go-to gal for advice about everything from hot guys to favorite jams. Why not use that good taste to help other girls by dishing what you like and dislike about Tampax?”

At the end of the day, Tampax is probably just bitter and angry that the coolest thing they have going for them is the character of “Mother Nature” who is always lurking just around the corner.

Yeah, He’s Not Calling You, Ever

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Or maybe you’re a creepy match made in heaven. Only time will tell.
Chevy Cruze to read back Facebook status updates, make / ruin your night [World News Mania]

Maybe This Makes Me A Bad Feminist

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But I just can’t. stop. staring.

Image via Splash News

But that’s the point, right? To assuage my guilt, I’ll post this from 1977 as well, and be all like “Look how far we’ve come! Oh, the injustice!”:

No, that doesn’t work either, it’s just funny too and I want that t-shirt. Alarming that New West Magazine never got off the ground, with such a stellar ad campaign.

Advertising And Its Messages

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While minding my own business and watching juicystar07, aka Blair Fowler, aka I wish she was my best friend, I stumbled across this gem of an advertisement:

With my magic ways and my wits, why of course!

If you do it to music, I hear it works better than without. Just a tip from me to you.

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