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Based on Emily’s posts for Smart Girls, you might guess that all she thinks about is sex, pornography, prostitution and feminism. This is only about 80% true. She also thinks a lot about applying the Bechdel test to her favorite television shows (The Good Wife (A+), Dexter (B), Rescue Me (F)), children’s books she would like to write and what she’s going to make for dinner. During the daytime, she helps make vendors happy amongst many 20-somethings. Emily blogs at Rosie Says.

Emily’s Posts:
The Unlive Blog: People’s Choice Awards 2011
The Helen Mirren Hypothesis
(Republished on Jezebel here)
Same Romance Novel, Different Cynic
Not Your Mom’s James Deen
Middle Ground
Sex is fun, so what’s wrong with sex work?
It Can’t Hurt to Ask…
On Behalf of Tiger Woods (Sort of)

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2010: The Unlive Blog

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