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Home Sweet Home

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My block, circa backintheday. Photographer Richard Press’ site
has lots of beautiful photos, but his ones of the Fulton Fish Market are definitely my favorite.

Image by Richard Press

“And I will serve you unlimited ice tea”: Ikea + Fill In The Blank

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Now, in order from best to less best, weirdest to most normal, I present:

1) Seriously — cats are allowed to roam free in Ikea at night, but I’m not?

Ikea releases 100 cats into its UK store [Doobybrain]


This slideshow rounds up the combination of Ikea with another great amenity, sex with strangers.
Best of Craigslist: Ikea Sex

3) Ikea Hacker. DO IT YOURSELF.

Lourdes Goes to LAG

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“The fashionable Lourdes – who runs a Macy’s clothing line with her mom – sported ankle-high leather boots, a black skirt and a plaid sleeveless shirt over a white T-shirt. She clutched a cell phone, with a multicolored wristband on her right arm offset by an assortment of bracelets on her left.” Sounds like she’s really pushing the fashion envelope for teenage girls. Multicolored wristbands?!

When I found out she was class of 2014, I felt olddd. But then I watched the interview with these kids, and it didn’t seem so long ago that I was hanging out with them, saying mildly inarticulate things.

Let the drama begin! Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon has fashionable start at LaGuardia High School [The Daily News]

Yup, Those Thin Mints Are Not To Be Trusted

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“One might wonder why the Girl Scouts have been spared the painful attacks that have been launched upon the Boy Scouts by the Left in recent years. The reasons are simple: the Girl Scouts allow homosexuals and atheists to join their ranks, and they have become a pro-abortion, feminist training corps. … If the Girl Scouts of America can’t get back to teaching real character, perhaps it will be time to look for our cookies elsewhere.” — Hans Zeiger, Republican candidate for Washington’s House of Representatives.

I definitely had a hidden agenda. Those vests can be misleading.

The Girl Scouts are selling you lesbian, baby-killing feminist militia cookies [Feministing]

I Miss Chicago

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Mostly the thunderstorms. The midwest is so much better on all that weather stuff. Thanks to my Dad for this one; he sent it to me when I was abroad and missing the USofA. I guess we like weather in my family (but really only when safely inside and surveying from a distance).

Lightning strikes three of the tallest buildings in Chicago at the same time! from Craig Shimala on Vimeo.

The 5 Stages of Grief Do Not Include This Ad

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I know everyone has their own way of remembering, but some ways are wrong.

French newspaper the latest to badly exploit 9/11. [Copyranter]

Awesome Stationary

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Playboy #1 [Letters of Note]

Always keeping it classy, Hef.

Post Secret Fail

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Fact. Not secret.

And stop feeling sorry for yourself via the interwebz. That’s what diaries are for.
On the other hand, that really sucks. So, sorry bro.

A Brush With An Idol

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I don't know! Gloria! Tell me! Are we hanging out?


I thought I was special! THOUSANDS of other New Yorkers?

These Characters Sound Like They Went To UChicago

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I mean that so lovingly, I swear.

“Amanda: I’m fat! My husband didn’t love me! My parents didn’t love me! I suck in bed! The only person who loves me is my wacky redheaded best friend, Jillian! There’s no way Simon wants me!

Simon: I’m really hot, and I seem to be a borderline case of Asperger’s syndrome! Asperger’s is SO HOT! Plus it sounds like Assburgers when you say it out loud! And women are scared by my giant penis! Also, women don’t like it when I act like a crazy recluse or when I walk away from them mid-sentence so I can run tests in my lab! There’s no way Amanda wants me!”

The Real Deal by Lucy Monroe [Smart Bitches Trashy Books]

From The Huffington Post, in college-related “news”, If Rappers Were Colleges: Analogies You WON’T Find on the SAT

And he’s from Chicago! It’s perfect!

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