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The Captions On This Photoset of Kristen Stewart

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Kristen Stewart hit up a restaurant in LA last night.
Kristen Stewart smiled while chatting with a friend.
Kristen Stewart chatted with friends outside a restaurant.
Kristen Stewart relaxed against a car.
Kristen Stewart smiled in the passenger seat.
Kristen Stewart went for a drive with a friend.
Kristen Stewart was spotted in a car for the first time postsplit.
Kristen Stewart smiled despite her split from Robert Pattinson.
Kristen Stewart wore glasses.
Kristen Stewart and her friend drove around LA.
Kristen Stewart had a smile on her face.
Kristen Stewart wore glasses after news of her split from Robert Pattinson was released.
Kristen Stewart had a friend drive her around LA.
Kristen Stewart rode in the car with her window down.

Total: 27 photos, 14 captions.

Exclusive: Kristen Stewart Has a “Relaxed” Dinner With Friends and Visits Taylor Swift Postsplit [PopSugar]

Oh Don.

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“Don’t cry; just listen to me. I’m feeling a lot of emotions too.”

Season 6, Episode 8

No Reason This Won’t Be Great

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Absolutely none.

Demi’s All Like, “Avril, You’re 28 Years Old.”

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Get your life together.

Digging This Song

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Probably because Ryan Adams produced it or because it sounds like something from 1975 but w/e.

Now In The Religion And Spirituality Section


Deepak Chopra and a book surprisingly not written by Nicholas Sparks.
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Awkwafina’s A Genius

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Watch This Woman Wash Her Face


She is mesmerizing.

Heinz Finally Gets Its Due

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J. Cole Has Thoughts About John Mayer

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On John Mayer’s “Stop This Train”: “This from one of the best albums of all time. This is a super deep song about stopping the train, the train being time. Metaphor for time and wanting to stay young forever. He got a crazy line at the end of the song about his father who tells him, ‘When you get older man, you’re not going to wanna… you know, you just kind of want it all to end.’ It’s a deep song.”

(h/t Carolanne)

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