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I Made This Today

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bachelorette final 2
“A bottomless gif,” as Dodai says. As in, a gif that keeps giving.

The Captions On This Photoset of Kristen Stewart

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Kristen Stewart hit up a restaurant in LA last night.
Kristen Stewart smiled while chatting with a friend.
Kristen Stewart chatted with friends outside a restaurant.
Kristen Stewart relaxed against a car.
Kristen Stewart smiled in the passenger seat.
Kristen Stewart went for a drive with a friend.
Kristen Stewart was spotted in a car for the first time postsplit.
Kristen Stewart smiled despite her split from Robert Pattinson.
Kristen Stewart wore glasses.
Kristen Stewart and her friend drove around LA.
Kristen Stewart had a smile on her face.
Kristen Stewart wore glasses after news of her split from Robert Pattinson was released.
Kristen Stewart had a friend drive her around LA.
Kristen Stewart rode in the car with her window down.

Total: 27 photos, 14 captions.

Exclusive: Kristen Stewart Has a “Relaxed” Dinner With Friends and Visits Taylor Swift Postsplit [PopSugar]

Oh Don.

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“Don’t cry; just listen to me. I’m feeling a lot of emotions too.”

Season 6, Episode 8

No Reason This Won’t Be Great

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Absolutely none.

Demi’s All Like, “Avril, You’re 28 Years Old.”

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Get your life together.

Digging This Song

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Probably because Ryan Adams produced it or because it sounds like something from 1975 but w/e.

Now In The Religion And Spirituality Section


Deepak Chopra and a book surprisingly not written by Nicholas Sparks.
Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 10.49.24 PM

Awkwafina’s A Genius

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Watch This Woman Wash Her Face


She is mesmerizing.

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