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It Took Me Three Nights To Watch The Bachelorette Wedding

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First of all, it’s been days, and Hulu has still not corrected the spelling of Ashley’s name in this title. Poor.
Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 9.48.35 PM
Also, wouldn’t it bum you out to have multiple period’s in your name? Just sort of annoying, that’s all. JP might be better.

Michael (is that his name? All I know is that he is cray) did a lot of this:
Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 9.44.34 PM
There was fist pumping or some relative of fist pumping as well.

And Emily basically confirmed that she broke up with the love of her life Jef with one F when she said something along the lines of, “I’m someone whose fallen in love a couple times and had it not work out a couple times, so looking at them gives me renewed hope.” Oh Emily. Way to make it about you. And sad.

OH. If I had been betting on number of times that Ashley and J(period)P(period) would kiss in the hour and a half special and I had guessed an infinity amount, I would have had an infinity amount of dollars because boy do those kids like to kiss! But as we said during Horah at the end — which was one of several subtle references to J(period)P(period)’s jewish heritage — mazel tov!

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