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This Utterly Embarrassing Moment Could Have Been Prevented If You Used A NuvaRing

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NuvaRing has these new commercials where women Real Talk with each other and one in particular really caught my attention. It’s not embeddable, because for some reason the people at Merck don’t want it to become a viral sensation, so I’ve used my powers of transcription and excerpted the most salient part below:

Oh!verheard at a Gym

Black friend with natural curly hair that is well tamed: So the date’s going great, until I reach into my purse to pull out my phone; out comes my pill pack.

White friend who is blonde and blue eyed: (GASPS/Laughter) Oh shut up! What did you do?

BFWNCHTIWT: What could I do? I started laughing — hahahhaha ha ha ha.

WFWIBABE: Oh that is awful.


WFWIBABE: You know that wouldn’t have happened if you were using NuvaRing.

Right, it makes sense to be embarrassed about a guy seeing your birth control on a date because it sends the signal to him that you’re sexually active and practice safe sex, two things that are totally unattractive to all members of the opposite sex.

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2 Responses to “This Utterly Embarrassing Moment Could Have Been Prevented If You Used A NuvaRing”

  1. Emily
    on Aug 9th, 2012
    @ 10:25 am

    Argh, tots agree with your analysis. This fits right in with the idea that female biology (and the tools we use to maintain it) is embarrassing.

  2. sherry
    on Aug 30th, 2012
    @ 10:41 am

    What I think is absolutely ridiculous is that no woman in her right mind should carry her BC in her purse. Who the f does that? I remmeber in HS a friend of mine would make it a big deal to taker her BC during history class, but that was in HS…like “oooooh, I have sex now.” but, my gawd, these women are, well, WOMEN, not girls. Keep your BC with your vitamins and you won’t have to worry about it falling out of your purse.

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