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Aubrey Plaza, Barbara Walters And Some Chick Peas

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“Everyone was eyeing my chickpeas like they wanted it because their meals didn’t look so good. So I used it as a power move. I started doling out my chickpeas.”

Things Change Quickly

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Even in a day and depending on the source. These were both June 12, 2012.

Occasionally, Craiglist Missed Connections Restore My Faith In Humanity

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“Girl at Navy Pier – m4w – 29 (Chicago)
I supposed to be the Navy Pier to watch the fire works but I FORGOT about the entire 4th of July when I saw your astonishing beauty. I was staring at you and you noticed that but I couldn’t really take my eyes of that beauty. I hope to hear from you very soon.”

The fact that someone saw another someone else at Navy Pier and managed to a. be attracted to them and b. have this be enough to literally FORGET about FIREWORKS is an astonishing feat not yet seen by mankind.

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