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Tommy Lee Jones Is Back

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And not in Men in Black 500. It looks like in this movie, he and Meryl make Steve Carell look young and lovely by comparison.

I’m thoroughly pleased that Meryl seems hellbent on popularizing a new sub-genre of Romantic Comedy called something like “old people rediscovering their sexual selves in well-lit scenes and laughing about it.”

She’s Also Finding Out What They Don’t Have In Common

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Like bananas. They’re just “enjoying each other“, guys. They’re not, however, enjoying how they have differing opinions about bananas.

This Is That Dude Then

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Sports Night, 1999.

This is him now:

Scandal, 2012.

Bro has gotten old. I guess that’s what happens.

*In all seriously, Joshua Malina, I love your work. And your face, any way you eye bag it.

This Is An Email From My Alma Mater


They get the joke. I hope.

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