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A Movie That Will Not Give You Fever Dreams (ie Not A Film By Tyler Perry)

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The Rebound has kind of a Jennifer Westfeldt-quality to it, which makes sense, as it’s directed by Bart Freundlich (Julianne Moore’s husband) and both films do have some relatively clever moments. I think the reason The Rebound really reminded me Westfeldt was because of its similarities to her movie Ira & Abby, which is also conveniently on Netflix Instant. In that movie, Ira also has these very neurotic Jewish New York parents.

Below, a few choice interactions from The Rebound between Justin Bartha’s character Aram Finklestein and his neurotic Jewish New York parents.

Mom: I spoke to your cousin Ruth, and she arranged a job interview at the women’s center where she used to work.

Dad: You’ll finally put that Ladies Studies major of yours to good use.
Aram: It was a minor dad. And it’s called Sociology.
Mom: This is not how you contribute to the world.
Aram: Mom, you work for Ralph Lauren.
Mom: People need clothes.
And a few bonus scenes from Catherine Zeta-Jones’ character:

Daphne: You actually have feelings for this kid?
Sandy: Feelings? I have feelings for everyone, that’s the way the world works.
Sandy: I’m pregnant.
Aram: I…pull out most of the time.

Watch it. Except I just ruined a few plot twists. But it’s better than having to deal with fever dreams induced by half a viewing of Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too?

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