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Can you hate yourself for liking a movie trailer too much? Or knowing that you like it because a future fake you in 15 years will be like “Ohhh this is too real!”? These are the complicated emotions I feel when watching the trailer for the new movie by lucky-girl-who-bangs-Jon-Hamm-how-the-hell-does-she-keep-him Jennifer Westfeldt. (I just watched Kissing Jessica Stein a few weeks ago. Is that movie topical anymore? Was it the first movie to mainstream the idea that lesbians are really just best friends who kiss when they’re fed up of men? It was important enough for them to mention it in this trailer.) That and who named their film first: Friends with Benefits or Friends with Kids? And I’m glad that Kristen Wiig and Jon Hamm are having good sex after the mad awk sex they had in Bridesmaids, that just seemed like a waste. And WOW I knew those casts were similar but really, they all must be besties by now. Okay done.

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