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All the Reasons I Wish I Knew This Week’s NYMag Sex Diarist, And All The Reasons I Probably Do

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All the Reasons I Wish I Knew This Week’s Sex Diarist

– Number of times she references working out: 6, including twice in one day. (“There was a point in my life when I would have chosen working out over sex every single time. These days, sex wins; still, a good workout is hard to beat.”)
– Number of time she references her body/weight and/or someone else’s body/weight: 3 (“I try not to think about the extra cookies I ate this weekend and instead focus on the sex.” “Other best friend is going through a difficult breakup and has lost weight. She looks fantastic and I am jealous. My stomach is still upset and I am not feeling totally hot in my dress.”)
– “Boyfriend is still sleeping. Debate whether or not to go to work at my internship. Rattle off an e-mail to my boss; it ‘s an easy choice. Strip down and jump back in bed.”
– “The guy eats me out like a champ; I don’t understand why he is not a better kisser.”
– “We decide to head downtown. I need a dress for New Year’s Eve and he is buying. Yay! Sometimes having a boyfriend is so great.”
– “I spent all those years not being able to orgasm and then it turns out I’m a squirter.”
– “Wake up to a missed text and phone call from ex-f-ck buddy, K….Is he serious with this crap? I just feel bad for him at this point … but secretly love that he still texts me.”
– “And despite his small penis (I don’t discriminate)….”
– “Heartburn starts to kick in and I have to sit down. This is ruining my night.”
– “Wake up so angry with myself. Text friends to see about brunch later; turns out they were out until five. Wonder when I got so lame.”

All the Reasons I Probably Do Know This Week’s Sex Diarist

“Female, 25, Chicago, student, straight, in a relationship.”
– Parents live in the suburbs. Boyfriend is “the first boy I’ve brought home, ever.” “Grandparents were a little uncomfortable that he is a different race and kept referring to him as my ‘friend’.”
– Does yoga. Runner.
– Eats at Chipotle.
– Goes to Trader Joe’s.
– Shops at Nordstrom’s for a New Year’s dress; finds it too expensive.
– Best friend lives in Boston.

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