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15 Words Together For One Night Only

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“You let’d them pull out and come on your tits, that’s what you’d do Ira.”

— Dan Savage to Ira Glass; the latter was visiting the ‘Savage Love’ podcast this week.

Maybe Watch This One On Silent


I watched this first at the gym without sound, and as I feared, it was made worse by the salsa/African music these women are listening to in their ambiguously ethnic jazz dance class.

Whoops Part 2

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See Juan, you’re not the only one that messes up sometimes.

Research For Work


Which one of these things is not like the other?


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RIP Pussycat Dolls. You have truly liberated womankind. (h/t ohheylili)


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Very cheeky.

Are You Afraid Of Which Character Looks Like Me?

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My friend Nora sent me an email with this video of the Are You Afraid of the Dark? episode “The Tale of the Vacant Lot” and told me “this chick looks/talks like you.” I never really watched Are You Afraid of the Dark?, mostly because we didn’t have cable and also because I was, in fact, afraid of the dark. The general plot of this episode, most of which I watched on silent, has to do with looks not being important, and if you try to look beautiful and be successful the short, lazy way, your face will be covered in boils. But let’s watch, and guess which character Nora thinks is like me.

Could it be wannabe Harry Houdini?

Or perhaps the JoAnna Garcia from the short-lived Privileged on the CW?

Or this kid, who so digs Jackie Robinson.

No words, but you knew him at one point or another.

I think we’ve found “me.”

Love the disdainful look hotter best friend is giving this hideous bowler hat. The ’90s were rough.

Put on a bra. And stop running.

Elizabeth Moss lookalike doesn’t realize that one day it’ll all be okay because she won’t have this braces/bangs combo.


No seriously HELLLLLOO.

Bitch, don’t even think about my man.

Hotter best friend isn’t having it either. She does need to rethink her life choices, and perhaps stop hanging out with people who haven’t reached their potential because of poor accessory and hair choices (see: girl/boy on right).

Obviously, those in burkas have dark secrets. Later, she’ll be seen with huge boils on her face. Obviously.

Burka lady has bewitched our young heroine but improved her hair.

It’s also spread to her friend who has turned to the dark goth side. This doesn’t mean she’s miraculously lost her braces.

Never fear though! All roads end in redemption and hand holding in harem pants and flannel. Not a bad life.

Still Missing Etta

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And all of Seven Year Itch. A badass record by a badass woman who apologized (via song) rarely.

No Desire To Read This

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Seriously, none.

Not The Same Album

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Not even close.

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