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Happy Chanukah

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You know what to get me.

Compare Mindy Kaling and Bill Clinton’s Holiday Book Lists

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BILL: Reads Marcus Aurelius every year.

MINDY: Loves Tina Fey.

And watch the video of their appearance with Today‘s Ann Curry (via Vulture) to understand why holiday Christmas lists are being discussed at the end of a segment that has been shanghaied into a discussion about the future of North Korea.

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The League Of Ruxin Fans

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I’m so attracted to “Rodney” Ruxin on The League it worries me.

But I’ve been validated this week, when I finally (fine, a week of rolling through two and a half seasons of a show is not finally) met Ruxin’s father, played by Jeff Goldblum. This explains it!

Ruxin is really undeniably sexy though. Look at this stunningly attractive photo of him with another photo of himself.

I’m not usually a Sarah Silverman fan, but I don’t blame her and Jeff for having a moment over this sorbet “palate cleanser.”

If You Need A Tonic

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For this:

“Nice ass. Nice waist. And you know I won’t forget about your face.”

Try this:

Feminism At A Younger Age

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KB: A coworker of my dad’s gave me a documentary for girls to comment on when I was 11. She’s on set with him today observing today and brought the below. He took a photo and sent to me and my mom. Prepare to make fun of me forever. Also, I was not good at grammar then.

Kate: AMAZING. Caps necessary and intended.

Amulya: AHAHAHAHAH. Dying. I love how your whole review is just suggestions for what things they SHOULD have added. Esp. your invention of the proverb “you can do anything if your heart LEADS YOU TO IT”, aka hopefully you get lucky and your heart decides to lead you in the right direction, bitch.

Also wow how did you end up basically illiterate at age 11?

KB: I was NOT illiterate. RUDE!

Long-form writing was not a strength apparently. 11 year olds write in lists. Or at least I did when 11.

It was a review. I was very a critical thinker from a young age.

KB: But in seriousness, I was terrible at using transitions until high school. I struggled with them in a big way in middle school.

Amulya: Also please tell me the violent scrawl at the bottom is your signature

KB: It can’t be.

I do appreciate that the core principles I still agree with.

Feminism At An Older Age

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There is this bar/restaurant called DMK in Chicago. Josh was kind enough to alert me to these poetry/prose pieces in the bathroom of said dining establishment.



But no really, can we just talk about how on a more important level the bathrooms are clearly different sizes because I could not get an angle nearly as far away and as clear on the beautiful wall mural meant for my sex?

Wikipedia Has Sass

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What you need to know about Tyra Banks’ now ex-boyfriend John Utendahl comes to us, of course, from Wikipedia. This thing is rife with “citation needed.”

Hey Girl + NPR

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Truer words have never been written.

This Happened


This episode of Up All Night also includes the phrase “Limber up with some clear liquids and get on that ladder.”


As The Father Of Two Daughters

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“I will say this, as the father of two daughters: I think it is important for us to make sure that we apply some common sense to various rules when it comes to over-the-counter medicine.”

President Obama, on his decision to support the usually fantastic Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of health and human services, on her decision to block the F.D.A.’s decision to allow Plan B to be sold over the counter to minors.

OH. Well as the father of two daughters! Why didn’t you say so?

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