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How To Reenact My Last 2 Hours

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Step 1: Try to watch HIMYM on

Step 2: Become irrationally infuriated for the 17th time that they relegate you to the slowest connection speed quality, despite paying $*@# for “Comcast Blast Speed” (a.k.a. You’re Too Ignorant To Be Told Numbers, And Will Be Charged As Such)

Step 3: Call Comcast, be told your router was never set up right

Step 4: Fail to reinstall router, break CD drive on computer

Step 5: Call India, ironically accuse nice representative of “not knowing what you’re talking about” and hang up furiously; fail to notice irony

Step 6: Burst into tears

Step 7: Actually fix router and CD drive; neither were ever difficult

Step 8: Call Comcast again because internet is not working, be told “No, it is”

Step 9: Realize internet is working, is fast

Step 10: Go find real hobbies/meaning in life

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