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Look At Us, We Have Everything In Common

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Why do we want to be best friends with girls like Mindy Kaling? Because she’s a normal person who happens to be incredibly talented but also have gotten everything she wants in life (at least professionally, so we assume).


1. She pretended to have read Infinite Jest. I haven’t done this, but it’s something I’d be okay doing.

2. Her actual favorite book is House of Mirth. I’m about ready to go digging through the Dries archives again this year to find the stellar term paper I wrote on House of Mirth senior year of high school just to prove how much I like that book.

Anyway, Kaling articulates something about Edith Wharton, and specifically about this book, that I hadn’t quite noticed but is so accurate:

“Isn’t that book freaking amazing? I love that book. It’s so current. I think that’s what makes it so timeless. Listen, I freaking love Jane Austen, love Charlotte Brontë, I love stories about frivolous families, and you know, sisterly rivalries — I love that. But House of Mirth so describes the feeling of being trapped in a time of not wanting to get married but sort of having to, and having one chance out of it and the tragic side of that. Because in the Jane Austen books, they usually end up getting married, right in the nick of time, and in House of Mirth, it’s what happens when you don’t. And she didn’t even want to! She would have been okay not doing it. Anyway, I just love that book. It’s just so good.”

Mindy, you’re not my best friend, but when I say I’d like you to be, I really just mean I want to be you.

This Is Quite A Sentence

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“But oh my god ‘we should all stop letting dudes come inside of us’ is not really the reproductive justice call to arms I was looking for, you know?”

Thanks for this Jill. Seriously. Thank you.

(Piece it is in response to here. xoxojane standing up for writer of said piece with a phone screenshot here.)

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