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Quotes From Those Dudes That Stand In Front Of Hollister Shirtless

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If “The Hollister” was a sex position what would it be?
D: Taking it up the butt.

What kind of job description came with this position?
D: “Stand around in bathing suits and say hi to people.”

Do you ever feel like a piece of meat?
D: Always. Women have been taking advantage of that for more than 2,000 years — now it’s our turn. Women can vote and own property; it’s my turn to be a piece of meat. I want to be objectified and given stuff for free.
J: I don’t feel like a piece of meat.

J: We never get anything too offensive — aside from the touching.
D: Except there was that guy that walked by and said he could suck both of us off in two minutes.

Not asked: why the zinc oxide on the nose? Sun protection, or cute factor? BOTH?!

Music And Movies From Other Lands

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This was from my in-flight magazine on Alitalia both to and from Italy.

Have you ever heard of this great film Love Me Again Sally?

Who knows if after more than twenty years Harry would still try to seduce Sally! And what would happen…Harry Meet Sally, that is considered a cult film, is a romantic and clever comedy, that continues to move the public. The directing from Rob Reiner is balanced, with a simple plot, that is however original, developing its strong points in the dialogues and brilliant lines, many of which have become cult (“I’ll have what she’s having”, from the famous bar scene) in the excellent choice of lead actors (Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan) and the interesting reflections on the male female relationship. Inevitably, still today, would be in love with each other.

I’d say lost in translation, but it’s also like, have you ever even seen this movie?

Additionally, this song is the big hit in Italy right now. As is typical with a good Euro-pop hit, it’s in English, but makes no sense.

Speaking of songs of the summer from Europe, you may also recognize this hit from last summer, when it was sweeping the charts. I doubt that Yolanda Be Cool meant for an old man to play their song acoustically on guitar in Italian, but true talent is interpreting the classics.

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