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The Difference Between Reality And Fantasy

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Mad Men is fastidious about its accuracy, down to a pencil on a desk. In our show, we take things and we go, ‘OK, that’s exactly how it looked, now how can we make it a little prettier? Let’s pop it a little bit more.’ This show has a sort of patina to it that you’ll see with the first episode. The original Bunnies, when I talk to them—or Hef, when I talk to him—they have a twinkle in their eye when they talk about working at the Playboy Club. It probably wasn’t as amazing as they remember it, but I want the show to look like it does in their recollection. It’s a perfected memory, a bit of a fantasy. Which fits right into the theme of the show because the Playboy Club was a fantasy in its own time. To go there was to enter a different world. They called it Disneyland for adults.”

The Playboy Club creator Chad Hodge. So don’t call it a comeback, alright?

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