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I can’t steal it, but here’s a picture of my newspaper clipping that is now lovingly pinned to my desk.

Let’s play best caption wins. I’ll go first: “Turtle Man looks on uncomfortably after overseeing the reunion of the long-lost Flower Cult.”

Teach Me How To Make My Own Cribs Aquarium

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The new show Tanked includes lines like “I’ve got 50 dollars you didn’t [order the sharks]” and “That’s a black tip there, I am not going in there, are you out of your mind?”


Also I saw the biggest huge dead carp in Lake Michigan today, it was such a site to behold, but this picture doesn’t really do it justice. Check out this for a close-up. I saw two live ones cuddling the other day, but for some reason this floating, dead, partially scaleless body was far more appealing to me. Blame it on the Fish Market.

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