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Father’s Day Was Yesterday

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So I wrote this piece that’s on Thought Catalog about Father’s Day that might be a big fat bummmmer, but now that it’s the day after the day in question, you can read it.

I do like these photos of dad’s and their kids that The Sartorialist did for Kiehl’s. He writes a little bit about stay-at-home dad’s too.

Also Clarence Clemons died. “Even after Mr. Springsteen chose to write shorter, pop-structured songs, making concision his new discipline, Mr. Clemons held his place: as the honking foundation of ‘Hungry Heart’ and the longed-for dance partner in ‘Dancing in the Dark,'” writes Jon Pareles. People have paid respects in awesome ways, but “Hungry Heart” is maybe my favorite Springsteen song, so here you go:

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