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(In a free paper).

Forget dangerous neighborhoods — are you living in a GUD?

Fearmongering at its very best with this cover.

The best part is actually the bottom feature that starts with Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari, and goes on to feature famous and fictional Chicago couples who do the “long-distance thing.” The Good Wife‘s Peter and Alicia Florrick are in there because he was in prison and all. Don’t forget about SGST favorite Giuliana Rancic and her equally adorable husband Bill.

Let’s All Be Inclusive, K?

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Even though I’m not a bronzed beauty. More NSFW images after the jump from Vogue Paris‘ June/July issue.

Also, FHM has gotten caught in an “Oops!” surrounding who’s a man, whether they’re allowed to be pretty, and if you should really call someone an “it.” This all surrounding Andrej Pejic, who they named the 98th hottest woman on earth.

You, Yes You

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Designer Michael Mulvey brings us:

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