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Yes, this post is titled something very stupid. But it’s in celebration of something very dear to me: the html code that makes up this very site you are looking at! (Or, for the wise and overloaded in content of you, the RSS feed.) More specifically, today marks the year anniversary of Smart Girls Who Do Stupid Things (Trademark pending and all that)!

I’m not really one for anniversaries, except of course birthdays, which are as good a reason as any to have a party and have people talk about you. But it is crazy to me (or “cray” as I’ve been saying far too much lately) that I’ve been doing this for both so much and so little time. It seems like it was just yesterday I thought I’d do this to pass some time and try my hand; now I sort-of make it my job.

SO: To celebrate this week, I feel like I need to do something special. In the past, I’ve lent out SGST for the day to award those who have done admirably in contests during the awards seasons, though they have not yet cashed in their winnings. Yes, that loud AHEM goes to you Blake, who apparently thinks his contribution “has to be all about women.” Not so! I occasionally talk about other things.

But I digress. If you have an idea for something you’d like to see on the site this week, something different, something extraordinary, leave it in the comments. Or anonymously email if you’re scared of comments, as you should be. Alternatively, whoever leaves me the most compelling answer for why they should be given free reign of the site for a day might get that too.

And a big thank you for all of you who are not merely searching stuff that leads you here, but who come back on a regular or semi-regular basis. You’re what Google Analytics calls UNIQUE and RETURNING and I love you for both of those words.

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